Welcome to our world behind platform 9 3/4.

This blog is used for spilling any secrets, gossip or confessions about the next generation of Harry Potter.

Please use the ask box to submit confessions or head canons, that you want to share.
If you send in a plane confession, I will match it to a picture and make a post for you.

Disclaimer: None of the pictures used are mine, neither are the characters of Harry Potter.

Anonymous said: Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people's asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it is nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Help spread Anon love, not hate

Awww - thank you :))) This literally made my day, that is just such a cute idea *.*

Thanks anon, feel hugged :**